Intimate Things to Do in Switzerland

Romantic Things to Do in Swiss

The Swiss Alps present some of the most epic alpine views in European countries, with plenty of cozy cafes and bars, horse-drawn buggy rides, and romantic ski areas. The perfect place for couples to invest time alongside one another, even non-skiers can experience the Alps’ magic by booking a romantic getaway in one of the country’s exclusive skiing resorts.

Thermal Spas

Natural cold weather health spas around the Alps are a must-visit for lovers, offering stunning Alpine views within a luxurious establishing. You can choose from a variety of options, which include spas with outdoor hot récipient overlooking the river or lake.

Classic Towns

A stroll through a historic area is a must-do for lovers in Swiss, especially those exactly who enjoy history and architecture. Visiting ancient medieval towns like the middle ages old city of Zurich or the cobbled pavements of Montreux is sure to leave you with beautiful thoughts.


If you’re buying a romantic activity that will a person engaged for hours, the Rietberg Museum in Zurich is a must-see. It properties a variety of treasures from throughout the world, which include carved Swiss masks, classics from South America, Buddhist Asian art, and African statues.


A little sell therapy can put any couple in a romantic mood, and Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich can be where you’ll find the world’s most luxury shops. A stroll along the pedestrian-only location can be a lovely method to see the city’s famous landmarks and indulge in several luxury looking at your very own pace.

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